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The global trend toward online education is as unstoppable as it is exciting, transforming how we learn and develop within both formal and informal educational settings. In response to this trend, we are currently transitioning our entire workshop suite into the online learning space. In 2017, we will begin by releasing our best-selling “Nailing grants, papers, prizes, and awards: write yourself to success” workshop as an online module to university and organisational clients. Other workshops will follow suit and longer-term we are planning to release each online module not only to organisational clients, but to individuals around the world.

Pure online delivery means content is available on demand, and the course can be completed in participants’ own time. This delivery mode offers no personalised access to a facilitator, but is the most affordable and flexible mode (high touch, low cost).

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All of our workshops are designed to enhance core capabilities across the written, spoken, and interpersonal domains of professional life – toward sustained success and peak performance in any field.

Learn more about our workshop suite here. To discuss your needs, please get in touch, or call Lisa on 0432 882 800.