Get ready for life.

Are your students ready for the world?

In our workshops with university students over the years, we’ve realised that many lack essential skills required for successful study, communication, critical thinking, career planning, networking, conflict management and assertiveness, structured writing, and strategic building of relationships. While we target and develop these skills in our in-house and online workshops for universities, we feel it’s time to help kids develop these abilities earlier: during their secondary school years! We are therefore excited to bring our bestselling skills development courses to Victorian secondary schools for the first time in 2017.

What skills can we help your students to develop? We train people in a range of skills in our workshops, but of all of them, we think public speaking is one of the strongest predictors of career success and personal confidence. In today’s world, speaking up and presenting one’s ideas is an unavoidable reality across most jobs and industries. Further, the ability to present and engage others has many positive side-effects, boosting self-confidence and leadership potential.

Public speaking can be learned – and it’s fun!

Many believe that you are either born a natural speaker or not. But that’s not true: with the right tools and coaching, even introverts can develop into engaging speakers. It’s a skill that can be learned and refined – and we are here to show your students how.

 Our school team

So who are our school facilitators? You couldn’t wish for a better pair: a passionate English teacher (Claire Waide) and a highly experienced tertiary workshop facilitator and mother of two (Claire Smith).

Claire Waide

A skilled, confident, and empathetic teacher, Claire prizes interpersonal communication skills, seeing them as the means of taking one’s place in the world, developing a confident, individual voice, and learning to navigate relationships and all manner of environments. In her eyes, articulate communicators have an innate advantage: they can imagine and present their best self, and can adapt and respond to whatever changes and challenges come their way. Claire has taught all levels and strands of junior and senior English across several well-known independent secondary schools in Melbourne. She specialises in Creative Writing, English Language, English as an Additional Language, and Literature. Claire is also a freelance journalist and specialist academic editor, who brings her rich experience of academia and industry to her classes, incorporating relevant, real, translatable skills. She has a passion for life-long learning and a deep appreciation of the power of words to teach, illuminate, inspire, and redeem.

Claire Smith

As a Skills Training Associate for Mind your Way, Claire exercises her passion for the theory and practice of effective communication. She has received a Master of Arts in Philosophy and German Literature from the University of Glasgow, as well as Graduate and Postgraduate diplomas in Psychology from the University of Melbourne.

While teaching Managerial Communication at Monash University for five years, Claire was recognised for excellence in teaching by the office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching). Since joining the team at Mind Your Way, Claire has continued to explore and uncover the underlying psychological principles of successful communication in the context of career and academia. She brings experience in interpersonal skills development and group facilitation to this setting.