Types of coaching

Types of coaching

Coaching for skills, performance, and development

While coaching is still a young profession that continues to define its disciplinary boundaries, our commitment to evidence-based practice means that our coaching interventions build on existing theory and research, both from the growing coach-specific literature, and from related knowledge domains such as the behavioural sciences, adult education, and philosophy. We offer coaching for skills, performance, and development, and we combine these approaches across a range of applied settings – from interviews and presentations for grants and awards, to women’s leadership and career development programs.

Skills coaching

Helps clients develop a specific skill set (e.g. improved communication, presentation, or negotiation skills). Coaching interventions are usually short-term (three to six sessions), focused on specific behaviours, and involve a detailed modelling, rehearsal, and feedback process.

Performance coaching 

Aims at improving performance over a specific period of time (one month to two years). It focuses on the way clients set goals, deal with challenges, and monitor and appraise their own performance as they work toward their goals.

The coaching surpassed my expectations – it was a space for reflection and a process for clarification of professional goals that I came to value a great deal. Having someone external to my organisation conduct this process uncouples it from line management and makes reflection far more readily possible.

Dr Melissa Petrakis, Senior Lecturer, Social Work, Monash University

Developmental coaching

Helps clients deal with more intimate questions of personal and professional development (e.g. building emotional competencies or collaborating more successfully with team members). Sometimes termed “therapy for people who do not need therapy”, it creates a personal reflective space where clients can explore challenges and opportunities for change in a confidential, supportive environment.

We integrate these different types of coaching to maximise results

For example, a leadership client seeking to boost her communication skills may also need some developmentally focused sessions to overcome fears of public speaking. An early-career researcher seeking to improve in the areas of research output and grant success may benefit from targeted writing skills sessions.

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