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Need a grant writer? Help with a prize submission?

Relax! Take some time out. With our comprehensive writing and editing services, it’s a walk in the park. You don’t have to do it alone. Having partnered with more than ten universities nationally, we collaborate with academic faculties, individual researchers, and teams across many disciplines. We work our magic on your grant or award, editing for impact, rigour, and persuasion, crafting successful applications for major ARC and NHMRC funding, as well as for national and international prizes and awards – and more.

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Mind Your Way were a huge help to me in the preparation of convincing and ultimately successful applications for both an award and a fellowship. They refined the central story and pin-pointed the most compelling points of the applications, bringing these together in a concise introduction to really grab the reader. In addition, they worked independently with my referees, making the whole process very easy for me.

Dr Kaye Morgan, VESKI Victorian Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy, Monash University

The unique challenges of grants and awards

Given the competitive nature of grants and awards, a good application is not good enough. To succeed, your submission must stand out from dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of others. Our grant and award editors not only understand the volume of applications that panel members and assessors for various schemes need to cast their eye over, but they also know how to help you catch the eyes and ignite the imaginations of your readers. Our team understands the importance of that crucial first paragraph or first page, and will lovingly craft it to showcase your research. Your editor will guide you in how to strike the right balance between readability and technical accuracy, ensuring that your prose is accessible to all panel members regardless of their research background, while also pleasing fellow experts with the specialist terminology required to showcase the sophistication of your ideas.

Find out how we can assist you with your national or international prize and award submissions, or with competitive grants and fellowships (including all ARC and NHMRC schemes). Alternatively, you can contact us for a confidential discussion today.

Krys was fantastic. Amazing writer! Turned what was a fairly dry scientific grant into a highly engaging and readable document.

Professor B. Thompson, Respiratory Medicine, Alfred Health

To win, or to develop?

Are you looking to fund grant or award assistance for members of your faculty or department? Investment in grant or award consulting and editing can serve different purposes: you may wish to push excellent research over the line to success (when the project and the candidate are already brilliant – for example, in the case of near-miss grant applications that were ranked highly in a previous round); or you may be keen on assisting in the development of talent, by building your researchers’ writing skills and sharing strategic tools to craft compelling applications into the future. What investment is right for you and your group? Read more about our grant or prize and award consulting and editing services, or contact us for a confidential discussion today.

As a consultancy, Mind Your Way has made an invaluable contribution to the quality of our prizes and awards applications. The company’s strategic writing tools and methods have proved to be both highly effective and very successful.

Professor Pauline Nestor, Senior Vice-Provost and Provost (Research), Monash University