ARC and NHMRC schemes

Tired of the grant-writing roller coaster?

If only you could spend this time on research instead …

Many bemoan the days, weeks, and even months that go into writing grant applications each year. Disillusionment and grant fatigue are the new normal, and shockingly low success rates don’t help. In this climate, how do you rekindle your passion on the page? Even our most experienced clients’ proposals can lack the clarity and zest required to excite assessors. The challenge is not just to make oneself understood, but to do so in a way that compels readers to carry our flag.

The good news is that there are tools and techniques at your disposal that will help you craft a compelling submission – with or without our editorial support. We teach these tools in our in-house workshops and online courses, and we use them in our coaching and editing work with faculties, departments, and individual researchers across the country.

We’ve helped clients secure a total of $64.7 million in ARC and NHMRC grants and fellowships over the last few years.

I thought the skill with which Krys elicited my passion for what I do and then translated this into my proposal was outstanding. I appreciated that great effort was made to explain to me what needed to change about the proposal and why. The changes were excellent. I really learned something, and I could see the big difference that Krys’s input made. I feel like I now have a better chance of success than if I had just stuck to my own expertise.

Dr Melissa Hyde, Senior Research Fellow

The right approach for the right funding body

The Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) are key funding bodies for research grants and fellowships in Australia. We make it our business to know the difference between the two: What are their priorities? What do they value most? For example, the ARC often focuses on discovery research, while the NHMRC typically values research translation into industry and commercialisation.

Cultivating an understanding of the individual grant and fellowship schemes is also high on our list of priorities. Last summer saw us edit and consult on over 90 research grants across all ARC and NHMRC schemes, for faculty and private clients across 10 universities nationally, and working with academics from such disciplines as engineering, medicine, IT, mathematics, political science, and more.

Across this work, we are known for translating the heavy technical content at the heart of our clients’ research grants into engaging texts that tell a story – without sacrificing scientific accuracy or appropriate tone.

Curious about our wins and successes? Take a look at our Showreel for more details.

Nicola Markus was basically accessible all the time. Despite a very short timeframe to work with, I never felt stressed, thanks to her amazing job.

Remy Robert, Research Fellow