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Prize and award applications present unique writing challenges: word limits are often very tight, and the audience is different to the one you are used to writing for. Not only must you fully express the importance of your research in few words, for many prizes and awards you must do so in layman’s terms! Let us take the pressure off. We think it’s time for you to receive some much-deserved recognition, and we’re here to help. Our team of experienced prize and award editors will take the time to fully understand your research, crafting your application into a text that makes the judging panel sit up and take notice.

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We’ve helped clients secure a total of $2.9 million in national and international prizes and awards over the last few years.

The iterative back-and-forth editing process with Mind Your Way allowed me to ensure the scientific accuracy of my submission, while leaving the eloquent expression in the hands of skilled professionals. Without Mind Your Way’s support, I wouldn’t have bothered applying for this award, as life just gets too busy.

Prof Peter Currie, Deputy Director, Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute
Joint winner of the 2015 Eureka Prize for Scientific Research

Facilitation of a leading Go8 university’s Prizes and Awards Strategy

Since 2012, Mind Your Way has facilitated the Prizes and Awards Strategy for a leading Group of Eight university. While the Strategy aims to lift researchers’ success at winning national and international prizes, medals, and awards, our role as external facilitators involves close, on-the-ground collaborations with a broad range of stakeholders at this university, to ensure smooth logistics and a tailored and responsive service.

We edit, enhance, and collate entire entries: from Australian Young Tall Poppy Science Awards to the Victoria Fellowships, from the Eureka Prizes to the L’Oreal for Women in Science Fellowships, from the Prime Minister’s Award for Health and Medical Research to the B-HERT Awards, and many more. The aim? Assisting researchers to convey the excitement and importance of their work – and thereby boosting success. This proven partnership with a leading Go8 university speaks to our ability to integrate ourselves into an organisation to meet its needs, with notable results.

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Mind Your Way helped streamline my award application. They were efficient, professional, and instrumental in making the application a success.

Dr Pascal Molenberghs, Senior Lecturer, Monash University