Christina Majoinen, BA(Hons), MA

Systems and Operations Manager (Text Minding), Workshop Facilitator

Christina is an enthusiastic explorer of what it means to live the good life. She is always reading multiple books – both fiction and non-fiction – and always has multiple personal projects underway. She firmly believes that the good life and the organised life, the productive life and the joyful life, go hand in hand.

A knowledgeable workshop facilitator, adept at breaking down complex concepts, Christina is known for her enthusiasm and her knack for encouraging participation without making anyone feel as if they’ve been put on the spot. Her workshops cover topics such as productivity, facilitating group discussion, finding joy in your day-to-day work, and workplace communication. She is a trained facilitator of community of inquiry (a dynamic method of discussion in which groups explore a topic together). Things she geeks out about include: reading; baking; syntax; metafiction (especially fantasy); productivity systems; analytic philosophy; The Princess Bride (book and film); misattributed quotes; clear communication; the creative process; logic puzzles; wide leg pants; and lifelong learning.