Belinda Calderone, BA(Hons), PhD

Text Minding Associate

Belinda has always had a love of words. A self-confessed bibliophile, she adores everything about books, from their beautiful covers to the way they smell. This love of words led her to study literature and linguistics at Monash University, and she now holds a PhD in Literary Studies. Her thesis examined how the fairy-tale genre evolved through European history. She has published articles and a book chapter, spoken at conferences, and taught at universities – often in fantasy and children’s literature. She is also the past President of the Australian Fairy Tale Society.

Belinda has always felt strongly that academic writing need not be dry, complicated, and jargon-laden. In her own writing she has always strived for clarity, simplicity, and a bit of whimsy. As a Text Minding Associate at Mind Your Way, Belinda now gains deep satisfaction from helping academics transform their writing into clear, simple, beautiful prose.