Nicola Markus, BSc, PhD

Text Minding Associate

Clear communication and a love of all things nature have been two leading themes in Nicola’s career over the past twenty years. Equipped with a science degree from the University of Sydney and a PhD from the University of Queensland, she spent fifteen years in the conservation sector, working first in zoos and community-based conservation, and later in senior management roles with WWF Australia and Bush Heritage Australia. In recent years, her professional interests have evolved from a predominant focus on landscape conservation to sustainability more broadly.

Nicola’s drive to present complex concepts simply and effectively has found expression in many formats. From scientific papers to international magazine articles; from complex research reports to discussion papers, marketing copy, and education materials; from opinion pieces and a blog to books on Australia’s environment (Wild Australia, and On our Watch); there are few genres she has not worked with. As a Text Minding Associate with Mind Your Way, Nicola now collaborates closely with clients to produce copy that is readable, engaging, and ideally suited to its intended audience.