Ica Gvozdeva, BA

Text Minding Associate

Ica Gvozdeva is a textual Jill-of-all trades, possessed of a boundless curiosity and an abiding passion for text in all its forms. A bilingual English-Russian translator whose wide repertoire runs the gamut of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, she possesses a keen sense of maintaining the client’s authentic voice in every text she works with, while building precise and beautiful turns of phrase to help it resound.

Having spent half a decade working with English as a second language students at university and high school levels, she has developed a deep appreciation for clear, precise communication and audience engagement. With a BA (Medieval Studies) from the University of Sydney, Ica brings experience in editing a broad range of fiction and non-fiction texts, and has honed her eye for text elements that pique interest, persuade, and portray the big picture by including just the right amount of detail. As a Text Minding Associate with Mind Your Way, her diverse skill set allows Ica to unfold the full potential of every text she works with.