Leigh Findlay, BVSc (Hons), PhD, AE

Text Minding Associate

One of Leigh’s earliest memories is demanding that her long-suffering grandmother ‘Read it!’, reflecting her voracious appetite for words and stories. Notwithstanding, after schooling, she followed her other passion for animals and the natural world, and obtained a degree in veterinary science. After completing a PhD in marsupial physiology, she worked as a clinician for some years before opening her own practice. Subsequently, while working part-time as an academic at the University of the Sunshine Coast, she perchance took a casual job as a medical writer. Here she rekindled her love of words and writing, fostered earlier by her family and high school English teachers, and brushed up her skills in writing clear, plain English. This led to a position as Science Writer and Editor at USC, where she helped academic colleagues enliven their research and conference papers, grant proposals, and award applications. Leigh became an Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) in 2012, a qualification that validates her editing skills. Now, as a freelancer, she specialises in scientific and academic editing and writing, but turns her hand to a variety of genres. She is also a published author of research papers and creative short stories. As a Text Minding Associate at Mind Your Way, Leigh loves the challenge of making authors’ words sing on the page.