Nicholas Proellocks, BSc, PhD

Text Minding Associate

Nick Proellocks is a passionate molecular biologist with a love of all things science. He has over a decade of experience in medical research in Australia, including creating and assessing applications for Australian funding schemes. Nick is a strong advocate of science communication. He believes the most important job of every scientist is to explain the complexities of their field in clear, simple, and appealing language to help share the excitement of each new scientific discovery.

During his career he has been involved in the development of research training through mentoring, supervising, and teaching postgraduate and undergraduate students at Monash University, sharing his passion for biology with the next generation. Since joining the Mind Your Way team, Nick has applied his expertise by helping clients find the best “big picture” story lines, to create engaging text that can help an application stand out from the crowd. Nick is based in the Netherlands and brings an international flavour to the Mind Your Way team.