Sam Green, BA(Hons), MA

Project Liaison Team Leader and Text Minding Associate

Clear and effective communication is one of Sam’s great passions. Human beings are social creatures, and since most human interaction involves communication of one form or another, Sam believes communicating well is crucial to “the good life”. If we were all able to communicate more effectively, he muses, the world would be a better place. Sam’s passion for clear and effective language use has spurred him to complete a Masters thesis (in Philosophy) that questions how we successfully communicate our values, needs, and desires. He has gone on to teach at primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions, and to publish his ideas about communication and language in a number of journal articles.

As Text Minding Associate for Mind Your Way, Sam thoroughly enjoys using his expertise with texts to help clients bring the significance of their ideas to the forefront of their writing. And his role of Project Liaison Team Leader sees him ensure smooth communications between clients and the Mind Your team on any given project.