Text Minding

Concise. Compelling. Competitive.

We help you write what you mean – and mean what you write

It’s a perennial problem: in academia, the need for writing never stops. So you chain yourself to your desk until the wee hours of the morning to complete an overdue paper. All the while, the next round of research grant applications is impending – not to mention the pressing deadline for a conference speech, to be delivered shortly. Words and texts are the bread and butter of academic success, yet there is so much else to do that writing seems an unaffordable luxury. As a consequence, you write less – and less well! – than you could. The price is high: not only with regard to your work-life balance, but with regard to the outcomes you can generate for your career.

At Mind Your Way, we believe it’s time you stopped always feeling one step behind in your writing. We know that words matter (a great deal!), and we are here to help you take full advantage of this powerful fuel for your success. With our Text Minding services, you will write as well as you know you should, in order to achieve your goals. From basic text editing to advanced idea and project coaching – we support you every step of the way. We craft your texts for impact. We add art while you gain time. We maximise reader engagement and boost the strategic pitch of your text.

Mind You Way’s broad knowledge and expertise have been invaluable in assisting me to develop a number of recent applications: from traditional scientific award applications to creative video interview applications. Their service has helped me tailor my message to the unique requirements of each award scheme. I highly recommend Mind Your Way’s services.

S Jamadar, PhD; ARC DECRA Fellow, Monash University

Any text, any time

We work our magic on any text, editing for impact, beauty, and persuasion. Think academic journal articles, tenders, newsletters, books, theses, presentations, reports and strategies, websites, and brochures: you name it, we put our minds to it. With our experienced in-house graphic designer, we can manage your branding needs holistically and spruce up the overall look and feel of your communications.

And the timeline?

A three-week turnaround is a good rule of thumb, although this will vary with the size of the task: we may work faster or require more time. Some clients plan their work with us as a matter of months, or even years. We recommend you get in early to ensure best outcomes!


Claire Waide was very friendly and worked with great care on the project. She was very efficient and cheerful in all our contact. I really appreciated Claire’s commitment to my work and her ability to communicate my needs clearly. Her efforts vastly improved the quality of the project.

Ruth Morgan, Research Fellow, Faculty of Arts, Monash University