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Creating the right look and feel for your work is important, whether that’s in your brochures and flyers, on your website, or even in your research grant submissions. That’s right: the latter context – competitive research funding applications – is the new frontier of graphic design work in the world of academia. How many grants are riddled with quick-fix Word tables and process templates that are too hard to read, and visually unappealing! Imagine what a good, clean, and illuminating graphic can do to support your ideas and engage your readers …

We’ve come to your rescue. Our in-house graphic designer assists not only with face-lifting those poor graphics in your journal articles or funding submissions, but he can also develop your marketing collateral, logo, and visual identity – on paper and online.

When image and text unite …

Few think about the unity of imagery and words, but we like to foreground their relationship as a crucial component of your professional presentation and identity. The same tender love and care you give to your prose (or so we hope!) would be well spent on the visual elements that populate your texts: from journal articles and research grants, to your website and beyond.

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