CV Salon

Freshen the look of your CV or résumé

Whether you’ve just graduated or are a leader in your field, your CV is your calling card. Often read before any other documentation, it is a brief but vital overview of your background and achievements. And it’s not just the content that matters; there are visual factors to consider, too. Your CV creates that irrevocable first impression – so how does it look? Is it easy to scan? Does it contain all – and only – information relevant to your application? Is it free of typos, excessive jargon, and mistakes? If you’re unsure what your current CV says about you, we can help.

We have conducted a thorough review of current international academic CV standards, and read many a commentary on the “dos and don’ts”. Our finding: there are no hard and fast rules to CVs! It’s commonly accepted that academic CVs are a bit more structured and longer than commercial CVs. Clear, concise, and accurate is the recurring credo from the experts.

Tailored templates for all occasions

Following our review, we’ve developed templates that are appropriate for your field and purpose – be it a new job, a commercial engagement, a promotion, or a prize, award, grant, or fellowship. What essential and optional sections to include will depend on the seniority and calibre of the applicant; we can advise on the right balance.

Fresh, concise, and above all professional, let us guide you towards the CV that makes the best first impression.

Sick of maintaining your CV?

We hear you! Life happens, and your CV is always one step behind. When you need it (and you’ll need it fast!), you will realise that it’s been a while since you last updated that expanding Word document… It’s become more of a list than a mirror of your greatness, right?

With our CV maintenance service, you can finally stop sweating the small stuff. Let us do the work for you! Simply send us your new publications, funding successes, and other information, and we will ensure everything is added in real time, while keeping the overall format looking spick and span.

Interested in our six- or twelve-month CV maintenance packages? Please contact us to discuss your needs.

CVs are almost always outdated, and fail to reflect the greatness of those they are meant to portray.