Web copy and design

Window to the world

Does your online presence say the right things about you?

Developing an online presence is one of the most exciting occasions for writing in today’s day and age. Are you reaching the audiences that you want to connect with? Is your content up-to-date and in line with the direction of your group or organisation? During busy times, it can be tricky to stay on top of the never-ending work that comes with maintaining a website, generating or updating content, and ensuring your web identity does you all the favours you deserve.

At Mind Your Way, we love helping people and organisations find the right words and images to portray their unique work and offerings. From individual researchers to large centres, we have helped craft web copy – from that punchy slogan on the Home page, to the careful implementation of punctuation across an entire site.

Whether you are updating an existing website or creating a new one for yourself or your group, we are here to assist with the writing and editing of web copy that presents you and your work in the best possible light. Beyond purely text-based work, we can also facilitate access to our recommended web designers, making outsourcing the entire process to Mind Your Way a viable option.

Got your brand sorted? Imagery matters!

So what visuals – photos, graphics, illustrations – are you using to support your online presence? Visual elements are no mere complement to your text, but often communicate and enhance your message more powerfully than the words themselves. In collaboration with your web designers (or working with our recommended web developers, if you prefer), we put our mind to developing a “visual language” or theme for your website and assist with curating photographs and pictures that look and feel unique and on-message. With our in-house graphic design and branding services, we can also ensure that your online presence translates consistently into your other marketing collateral and publicity materials.

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Of head shots and group photography

Psssst. We have a secret to share. Academics are camera shy! Or so we think, because … more often than not, their online profile shots were taken in the backyard by their best friend, with a hand-held smartphone. No! There is nothing wrong with backyards, or best friends, or smartphones – far from it – but we think that a little more thought and professional care could go into the images that researchers and other creatures decide to show the big wide world. If you like that casual outdoor look – great! Let a professional come in to help you recreate that look with seemingly effortless ease. And then there is the issue of cross-photo references: if you like that outdoor look, but your colleague doesn’t (and his girlfriend took his picture while he was lounging on the couch with his German shepherd), then you will have a problem with consistency across the various people’s shots that you are going to put up on your site.

Why not have a plan – and a photo shoot?

We can assist with planning and consulting on the concept, logistics, and execution of your photo shoot, bringing in a photographer (or two) we like to work with. Many of them have worked with academics and other camera-shy creatures before, so they know how to warm you up and get you looking at your best. There is magic to a set of well-orchestrated images that exude the message and values that you stand for.

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