Transferable skills – for work and for life

Mind Your Way’s workshops are designed to enhance core capabilities across the written, spoken, and interpersonal domains of professional life – toward sustained success and peak performance in any field. Whether we work with professional staff, early- to mid-career academics, PhD and Masters students, or the general public, we tailor content to your needs.

Each workshop can be run in-house or online, depending on the size and make-up of your group. In recognition of the global trend toward online learning, we are currently transitioning all of our workshops into an online delivery mode. For more information on our online courses, please click here.

NEW! Seeking participants!

In recognition of ongoing gender imbalance at leadership levels in STEAMM disciplines, we are developing an in-house and online workshop aimed at supporting women through the academic promotion application process.

We are currently seeking input from women academics willing to fill in an anonymous online survey about their promotion application experiences. Those completing the survey can choose to go into the draw to win one of several prizes, which include:

One free (!) edit of a promotion application (valued at $2,000), and

One of 50 free seats on the online promotion application course (valued at $250 per seat).

All prizes will be drawn by COB Thursday, 31 January 2019. Responses received after that date will not be considered.

Ready to take the survey? Simply click here.

In-house delivery formats

We offer a range of in-house delivery formats for our workshop suite:

  • Half-day tester
  • Full-day intensive
  • A series of two or three shorter sessions

Not all workshops are available in each format – please contact us to discuss. We strongly recommend the series of sessions: The follow-ups are beneficial, providing participants with an opportunity for self-study in between events, and allowing them to apply learned content in their own, relevant contexts. With our series, we also encourage participants to form small groups or pairs to collaborate on a task, and to provide feedback to each other over the course of the workshop.

Are you looking for online delivery of workshops instead? Then read up on our online courses here.

Want to host a workshop for your group? Contact us to discuss your needs.

From writing skills to assertive communication, from career vision to public speaking – our workshops build transferable skills, for work and for life. To find out which workshop and delivery format best suits your group, please get in touch, or call Lisa on 0432 882 800.