From Conflict to Win–Win

From Conflict to Win-Win

Assertive power and negotiation skills

Many people we speak to – whether they are in junior or senior roles – confess that assertiveness is the single most important skill they wish they were better at. This is not surprising, because through lack of assertiveness people say “yes” when they want to say “no”, fail to resolve conflict sustainably, and are unsure how to negotiate mutual understanding. If that sounds like you, this workshop will show you how to back your own and others’ rights through clear, direct, and unambiguous communication. Neither aggressive nor evasive, assertiveness has at its heart the power to create win-win outcomes in any situation. Master the principles of assertiveness, and use your tools and techniques to transform relationships with with colleagues, supervisors, and peers. Imagine the positive impacts this will have on your work and career!

I learned a lot about how I usually interact with people. The role playing, acting out situations, gave us a chance to really challenge ourselves. The way Lisa interacts with the group brings out the best of people and makes the training fun. She really leads by example. The small size of the group meant we could go quite deeply into each of the issues and were able to help each other more. The outcomes exceeded my expectations.

Dr Jennifer Catto, Research Fellow, School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University

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