Nailing Grants, Papers, Prizes, and Awards

Nailing Grants, Papers, Prizes, and Awards

Write yourself to success

So you have a brilliant idea for your next research grant or award application, and you need everyone to “get” its value and significance? Then you must build the strongest possible connection between your text and its readers. In fact, persuasive packaging is far more influential in selling ideas than many admit. Your colleagues and assessors will not only judge your work by the quality of your ideas; they will be swayed by how you tell the story. Once you have settled on a (presumably brilliant) topic for your next submission, you will want state-of-the-art communication tools to make it simply irresistible! This workshop is dedicated to the “how” of successful reader engagement, and translates interpersonal rapport-building techniques into the realm of competitive academic or professional writing. A hands-on introduction to persuasive language use, you may even get a chance to workshop a sample of your own writing at the event.

My sincere appreciation for your thoughtful and eminently useful seminar … It was pitched at just the right level and provided tools that were purposeful and … often overlooked within an academic setting. This has been, without a doubt, the best seminar I have attended so far. It will make a difference in how I write in the future.

Tim E. Powers, PhD Candidate and Research Assistant, Faculty of Education, Monash University

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You are at the top of what you are doing. I learned so much from your session. It was very informative and useful to me. I would like to rate your workshop in the top three of all the workshops that I have attended in my entire candidature.

Saadia Majeed, PhD Candidate, CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship, Department of Management, Monash University

One of the best online training modules I have used. Clear, fun and highly engaging… Well done!

John Mason, Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Education, Monash University

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All of our workshops are designed to enhance core capabilities across the written, spoken, and interpersonal domains of professional life – toward sustained success and peak performance in any field.

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