The Naked Presenter

The Naked Presenter

How to speak without notes and wow your audience

There is no way around public speaking in most careers – think team meetings, trainings, conferences, or even client conversations. The need to stand up and present your work is ever-present. Surprisingly perhaps, few people relish the opportunity to share their ideas from the front of a room. Instead, people’s nerves get the better of them – they read off a script, or cling to their PowerPoint. So what kind of presenter are you? Do you know what it takes to capture the imagination of your listeners? And do you know how to manage your own situation, to be fully present for the audience? Whatever your answer, this workshop teaches you how to speak freely and confidently without notes. You will master a proven system for remembering and structuring any content for any length of time in a way that engages the whole audience. Get ready for the next level!

The Naked Presenter workshop that Lisa Curtis-Wendlandt ran for us … was the BEST training session I have ever attended. Lisa presented the information in an entertaining and exciting way, and the day just flew by. I learned so much and got a great deal out of the event. I will be using these techniques (and refining and honing them) for years to come. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and I was absolutely delighted at her clever, motivational, and frankly light-hearted way she delivered complex content. I will certainly be on the look-out for more sessions by Lisa in the future.

Professor Lynette Russell, Director, Monash Indigenous Centre, Monash University

In-house or online?

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Are you interested in hosting this workshop for your group? There are numerous delivery modes for you to chose from: we can facilitate content in-house or online, and we can tailor content to your needs. 

All of our workshops are designed to enhance core capabilities across the written, spoken, and interpersonal domains of professional life – toward sustained success and peak performance in any field.

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